Sell Your Plays!!!

Do you have plays and/or theatre-related books collecting dust and cluttering your apartment and/or office? If so, we are pleased to announce that The Drama Book Shop now accepts used books! We offer $.25-$3 cash for books, depending on their condition, sellability, etc., or a bit more in store credit. We also accept hardcovers, scores, vocal selections, anthologies, CDs, vinyls and more. If it pertains to the theatre we will most likely accept it! If you are in New York City, please email us ( to schedule an appointment to bring in your books. If you anticipate bringing a large number of books, make sure to indicate that in your initial email. Not in New York City? No problem! We are happy to receive books from all over the country and arrange for compensation in the form of a check or store credit should you desire. Just be sure to call us at (212)-944-0595 or email in advance. Help give your neglected, unused books a new home today!!